Edwin Díaz has no regrets about playing in World Baseball Classic, believes he could pitch in 2023

Edwin Díaz believes he could pitch in 2023. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
Edwin Díaz believes he could pitch in 2023. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

New York Mets closer Edwin Díaz sustained arguably the most impactful injury of the 2023 MLB season (so far) in the World Baseball Classic. Díaz tore the patellar tendon in his right knee while celebrating Puerto Rico's win over the Dominican Republic in March.

Despite the injury, Díaz would do it all again. He said Wednesday that he had no regrets about taking part in the World Baseball Classic and would love to compete in the tournament again.

Díaz also expressed optimism about his current injury timetable. He said things were progressing well after undergoing surgery and he could be back "quicker than eight months." Díaz added, "I might throw this year."

If he can hit that timeline, it would make for one heck of a return. The Mets are still projected to be an excellent team without Díaz. If he returns in 2023, it could be right around the time the playoffs begin, and Citi Field would erupt if Díaz made his return during the postseason. It would be an electric moment and one of the best comeback stories in sports this year.

While that should come as promising news for Mets fans, they should also be cautious about Díaz's prediction. Coming back from patellar surgery after just eight months is aggressive. It's not impossible, but it's unlikely. Díaz would have to avoid setbacks, and that's always a big challenge.

Either way, it's probably wise to proceed with caution. Mets fans, more than most fan bases, know there's danger in having hope.