EDward Gaming add trainee players Aodi and Hu Xianzhao to their LPL roster

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EDward Gaming’s mid laner, Scout (Dionne Ng)
EDward Gaming’s mid laner, Scout (Dionne Ng)

EDward Gaming have announced their full 2017 LPL Summer lineup on weibo. The League of Legends team includes new substitute players, Zhao “Aodi” Aodi and Hu Xianzhao (ID pending) promoted from EDward Gaming’s training program.

The full 2017 LPL Summer lineup is as follows:

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Top: Chen “Mouse” Yuhao
Top: Zhao “Aodi” Aodi
Jungle: Zhao “Fireloli” Zhiming
Jungle: Ming “Clearlove7” Kai
Mid: Lee “Scout” Yechan
ADC: Hae “Zet” Sungmin
ADC: Hu Xianzhao
Support: Tian “Meiko” Ye

Due to age restrictions, 16-year-old AD carry Hu Xianzhao won’t officially be registered to the lineup until July. Previous substitute top laner, Huang “Minn” Minmin, has been transferred to EDG’s LSPL team.

In 2017 LPL Spring, EDward Gaming placed second in Group B. They 3-0’d Newbee Gaming, but lost to Royal Never Give Up 3-1 in the semifinal. EDG have consistently placed near the top of the LPL since their formation at the end of 2013.

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