Eddie Jones was a bad, bad man (VIDEO)

For a while, there, Los Angeles Lakers guard Eddie Jones was a scene, man.

Eddie Jones was the guy that former Chicago Bulls GM Jerry Krause wanted in Chicago, with Michael Jordan playing baseball with the Birmingham Barons, to take over as his newest and bluest shooting guard. He was the guy that Krause wanted to trade Scottie Pippen for, prior to the 1994 draft, and potentially again at the 1998 trade deadline in the wake of Pippen's trade demand. He was the guy that kept Kobe Bryant on the bench, for Kobe's first two seasons at least, and the man that had every GM salivating as they attempted to swindle a good one out of Laker GM Jerry West while he considered his Jones/Bryant options.

All while, via ClutchFans.net, Eddie kept pulling stuff like this:

Sigh. As an 1990s-era NBA dork, this is absolute and utter nirvana. And I can't stand Nirvana.

Mario Bennett. Magic Johnson's underrated 1995-96 comeback. Kobe giving Sean Rooks a rubdown. Sam Mack. Chris Mullin's last healthy year in those old Golden State Warrior unis. Todd Fuller with his head down, running. Marv Albert and Matt Guokas calling the game that Magic bumped a ref, in. Carl Herrera. Cedric Ceballos posting up Vincent Askew. Slamming over Shawn Bradley while playing at home, in Philly. Clarence Weatherspoon. Andrew Lang.

Nick Van Exel.

And Chick Hearn. Absolutely nailing it, the entire time out. For those of us that were able to take in a League Pass subscription, spending more on that luxury than we did on an entire year's worth of dinners out, it was an absolute joy to hear as much of the legend as we could for a few seasons before his passing in 2002. The man was up to the task, marveling over a player 55 years his junior on a nightly basis.

We're going to have some time to spare, here at Ball Don't Lie, as we ready ourselves for 2012-13. As the summer bakes and sometimes enervates, don't hesitate to send us your takes on who you'd like to see featured.

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