Ed Oliver wants three more sacks for a contract incentive, and to help Von Miller get one

Bills defensive lineman Ed Oliver has a $500,000 contract incentive tied to recording eight sacks this season, and he knows he's closing in on it. And Oliver also knows teammate Von Miller is eager to get his first sack of the year.

Oliver was asked about his individual goals for this season, and he noted that the contract he signed in June has a big incentive for eight sacks. Through nine games of this season, Oliver has five sacks.

"I've got five sacks, I need three more to hit the incentive, so that's the only thing on my mind, and then everything after that is extra on top," Oliver said. "Anything past that is just good money, but that's just where my head space is at to affect every game and cause havoc. One of my main goals is get Von on the board, get guys on the board along with myself, give guys layups. If it's not me getting the sack, just causing havoc and creating team success."

Oliver knows that sacks are an individual statistic but also reflect how defensive players can benefit from their teammates causing pressure.

"Trying to get him on the board, get everybody around me on the board," Oliver said. "Big plays just fall in when everybody is doing their jobs."