Ed Marinaro: “I got the hint”

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The second night of the draft has highlighted by former NFL player and actor Ed Marinaro thinking he was the headliner. Marinaro opted to convert the opportunity to call the Vikings’ second-round pick into a full-blown filibuster.

Enter Ashton Ramburg, who walked to the podium and politely told Marinaro to just read the damn card.

“It was probably the first time anybody ever got the hook giving a presentation,” Marinaro told Chris Tomasson of the St. Paul Pioneer Press. It definitely wasn’t, but it was the first time it happened during the NFL draft.

“I certainly didn’t set out to create a brouhaha that it turned into,” Marinaro told Tomasson. “It’s just kind of weird. Obviously, I’m aware of what a lot of people thought, but a lot more people thought it was fun and entertaining.”

In fairness to everyone, Ed, most people thought it was neither fun nor entertaining. It only became entertaining when Ramburg entered to tell Marinaro to exit.

“It wasn’t like it was a conscious effort to be kind of self indulging, if you will,” Marinaro said. “I just thought it was fun. I just provided a little bit of entertainment, if you will. . . . I was sort of surprised. I thought she was going to give me a Will Smith slap or something. But I got the hint.”

He definitely did. After brushing her away and contemplating whether he should refuse the direction to just read the name on the card and leave, Marinaro did his job and ended his moment in the sun. A moment that only felt like an eternity.

Marinaro seemed to try to blame the moment on someone backstage at the draft.

“I said [to a draft representative], ‘What do we do? Should I say something fun,’ and she said, ‘That’d be good.’ So that’s kind of what I did,” Marinaro said. “I got caught up in the moment when I got out there when the fans were screaming, and it was a little overwhelming. I felt like the Pope up there with all those fans. I really didn’t think about the time. They didn’t say to me, ‘You’ve got 60 seconds.’”

They probably didn’t because they don’t have to. Very rarely does someone get cranked up while making the pick. Usually, it’s entertaining. Friday night, it objectively was not.

“I just went out there and tried to have a good time and bring some humor to the thing,” Marinaro said. “For the most part, I think the fans enjoyed it. When [Ramsburg] came out and told me to read the card, I think they were booing at it.”

They weren’t booing at her, Ed.

“It’s just sort of funny they’re attacking me,” Marinaro said. “With all due respect, who are these people attacking me with what I’ve done in my life, my resume? You wonder who these people are, how they feel qualified. Somebody called me a D-list actor. I’m 72 years old and I’ve got people attacking me. It was like I committed a mortal sin or whatever to a lot of people who got real serious about this draft.”

Marinaro, after that paragraph wholly lacking in self-awareness, seemed to realize that he indeed deserves some of the blame.

“I guess I overdid the fun part,” Marinaro told Tomasson. “I just got caught up in the spirit of the whole thing, the energy. I just wanted to kind of have a little fun, but I’ll probably never get to do that again. They probably will never invite me back.”

For everything he got wrong on Friday night, he definitely got that one right. We’ll before likely see Will Smith at the Oscars again before we see Ed Marinaro at the draft.

That said, if/when Minnesota hosts the draft, there has to be a fun way to rekindle the moment. As long as Marinaro is in on the joke, it could work.

Ed Marinaro: “I got the hint” originally appeared on Pro Football Talk