Ed Helms and Stephen Colbert rekindle bathroom feud on 'The Late Show'

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On The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, Ed Helms and Stephen Colbert rekindled an old bathroom feud that dated back to their time working together on The Daily Show With Jon Stewart. With the two having to share a single occupancy bathroom, they pondered the age old question: To knock or not to knock?

"Why would you knock?" said Helms, "Because then the person has to answer while poo is coming out of them."

Colbert commented, "I went so far as to put a sign on the outside of the door that said, 'Knock.' And on the inside of the door I put a sign that said, 'If someone knocks, respond.' It really was just for you," he said pointing at Helms.

Apparently Ed gets a bit tongue tied while taking care of business and Stephen on the other hand is prone to "poopus interruptus." "That jiggle sounds like the door is about to open. A knock doesn't sound anything like the door opening," said Colbert, "And you panic, you pinch off the stream, and you can't start again."

In the end, Stephen remained a firm believer in knocking while Ed favored just jiggling the handle. It's fair to say that one of their methods stinks.

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