Eat The Turkey, Pardon The Pot Prisoners: Social Justice Advocate Weldon Angelos Calls On Pres. Biden

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Cannabis directory and lifestyle brand Urban Aroma announced the launch of a seasonal match campaign to raise $30,000 for The Weldon Project's MISSION [GREEN] initiative to support inmates serving life sentences for nonviolent cannabis offenses.

The crowdfunding campaign, which kicked off November 1, will continue through the December 2021 holiday season with a goal of matching the amount donated by Urban Aroma. In addition to its match campaign, Urban Aroma, whose story comes out of the graffiti and hip-hop movements, supports the Weldon Project's campaign to pardon cannabis prisoners as do many others in the music industry.

Earlier this summer the Weldon Project partnered with Berner's Cookies.

In September, the Weldon Project and Urban Aroma's co-founder M-1, along with over 150 prominent athletes and entertainers such as Al Harrington, Drake, Kevin Garnett and Killer Mike, signed a letter asking President Biden to issue a general pardon to all persons subject to federal criminal or civil enforcement on the basis of a nonviolent marijuana offense.

The Campaign Continues: Eat The Turkeys And Pardon The People

"Every year the president pardons a pair of turkeys while there are real human beings deserving of the president’s pardon power. This is why we are urging the President to eat the turkeys this year and pardon people, especially those who are serving prison time for cannabis or living a second class life because of a felony conviction while state after state continues to legalize and fatten the pockets of entrepreneurs. This practice is disgraceful," Angelos told Benzinga, adding that they are grateful for Urban Aroma's support of their clemency campaign and our commissary program.

M-1, rapper and songwriter from Brooklyn, NY, known for being one-half of the political hip hop duo dead prez, called on more artists and entertainers to support the cause for social justice and social impact.

"Mission Green's efforts are pushing the envelope as we all should in the name of oppressed people who have been disproportionately impacted by politics and the war on drugs," M-1 said. "This is an opportunity for artists and the culture to support decriminalization and to see how far Biden will go on his promises. This is a test. Let's see what happens."

Mission Green, an initiative of The Weldon Project, is dedicated to securing clemency for those currently incarcerated for cannabis and creating pathways to expungements or pardons to support them living meaningful lives. It was

founded by Weldon Angelos who served 13 years of a 55-year prison sentence for selling less than $1,000 worth of cannabis as a first-time offender because of the draconian sentencing statute.

Supporters can donate on Urban Aroma's site directly to Mission Green.

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