Easy<strong>,</strong> Breezy Summer Lunch Ideas

On hot summer days, making lunch can feel like a drag. With the mid-day sun beaming down, nobody wants to be stuck over a stove cooking. Plus, it's summer, you want something light and quick, so you can get back to relaxing. With that in mind, these lunch recipes uses the best of summer produce, like tomatoes and corn, but come together quickly and don't use the oven. Shortcuts like using a slow cooker for our Four Ingredient Slow-Cooker Pot Roast give you all the flavor of a braise without any extra heat. A few of these recipes are served chilled, for an extra refreshing lunch, like our Soba Noodle-and-Shrimp Bowls. Other recipes like our Tropical Chicken Lettuce Wraps, swap heavier ingredients like bread, for tender lettuce leaves, for a lighter summer meal. Beat the heat and hunger with these summer lunch recipes.