East Newton High School Hosts Girls and Boys Basketball Camps

GRANBY, MO – East Newton High School would host multiple camps on Wednesday morning for both girls and boys basketball.

In the boys camp, 7-12 graders participated in activities as well as the school coaching staff. The campers were split up into stations that would include fundamental skills and more. 3-on-3, 1-on-1, and 5-on-5 competitions would take place at the very end.

“My favorite part is the competitions,” said junior Caden Youngblood.

“It’s a whole lot of fun. You get to go 1-on-1 against your teammates.”

Eighth grader Isaac Friend said he enjoyed learning new skills within the camp.

“It’s a lot of fun playing with the coaches,” said Friend.

“They teach us a lot, and playing with them really helps us.”

After finishing the boys camp, the girls basketball camp would take place at the high school. Unlike the boys camp, the girls camp was strictly team oriented containing players from the previous year, and girls who are looking to join the team this fall.

The main focus of the girls camp is for the hope that players can elevate their game individually, while creating a bond.

“We’re just trying to get used to our team because we have a lot of underclassmen, so just getting a feel for our team and getting a good connection with them is the goal,” said East Newton sophomore Halle Cook.

East Newton junior Kadie Sesay would echo Cook, saying the team is young and the group is hoping to expand their knowledge.

“We’re a really young team this year,” said Sesay.

“There aren’t any seniors, so we’re hoping to expand our knowledge on basketball and work together.”

Both camps will be underway until Friday, May 31st.

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