You can easily find the burn times for most candles by checking the label

For most people, the most important aspects of a candle are scent, size, price and aesthetic. However, arguably one of the most important candle qualities is also one that usually goes ignored — and that’s burn time. lifestyle blogger Adriene Davidson shared a helpful TikTok further explaining how candle burn times work, plus how to find one for each candle. burn times are usually listed on the label found on the bottom of the candle. If they’re not, you can also Google the name of the candle you’re interested in buying + “burn time” to find the same information. Armed with both the price of each candle and its burn time, you can make more informed decisions about which candles you want to buy. What’s also important to note is that expensive candles don’t necessarily have longer burn times. Ultimately, you should buy the scents that make you happy, but it’s definitely important to factor cost (and, by association, burn times) into your decision