Easdon abuse 'reflection on society' says Glasgow City's Brown

Glasgow City's Fiona Brown says Ava Easdon's wellbeing is the "priority" after the abuse she received following the SWPL Cup final.

The Partick Thistle goalkeeper is on loan from City and took part in her first ever cup final against Rangers at the weekend.

"I think the priority in all this is Ava and making sure that she's okay," Brown said.

"The club have given her support, I know that the PFA have supported her. She's in good hands.

"It shouldn't have to happen but it probably just highlights a bigger issue. I think it's about controlling what you can control. We can't control what people are writing online. We can only control how we let it affect us or how we react from it.

"My biggest concern is making sure she's okay as her teammate and she seems to be so I'm just glad for that.

"It's unacceptable if it happens and probably a bigger problem than just this isolated incident. But sadly that's probably a bit of a reflection on society today."