EarthWater Ambassador, Bo Marchionte, Celebrates 21 Years of Running Non-Stop

DALLAS, TX / ACCESSWIRE / January 8, 2019 / EarthWater a Texas manufacturer of consumer health and wellness products, congratulates Extreme Athlete Bo Marchionte, on an incredible 21 year non-stop running journey.

On Friday, January 4th, 2019 Marchionte reached an amazing milestone of 21 straight years of running without missing a day (for at least 3 miles each run). During this timeframe, he has participated in over 25 marathons and completed four 100-mile Ultrathons. He was also recently Interviewed in Running Star Guru:

Bo Marchionte is recognized as an expert NFL Draft analyst. He has covered the NFL for over a decade and his background includes being on staff for collegiate all-star games as a talent evaluator for player personnel along with scouting for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers of the Canadian Football League (CFL).

Bo's draft background includes working for the NFL Draft Bible, Football Insiders and currently owns and operates College2Pro. His work can also be found in Lindy's Sports Pro Football Draft and CBS for draft coverage. He has done radio spots on NBC, Fox Sports and ESPN and their affiliates in different markets around the country. Bo covers all Pittsburgh Steelers and Pittsburgh Panthers home games along with other colleges in the northeast. More Info Visit:

In the video linked below, Marchionte shares his secret to keeping his running streak alive stating, ''One of the key ingredients is EarthWater, I found it that it is able to replenish me and keep me going. It's zero calories, so it has helped around the waistline and has helped me avoid all of those sugary drinks. If you like being outside, you like activities, I encourage you to drink EarthWater. Big shout out to them for keeping me going as we reach this 21-year anniversary''

Video Link:

EarthWater President Cash Riley Jr., who recently completed his first Marathon stated, ''I really admire Bo and his resiliency in running and achieving such an amazing record. I hope he inspires others and we can't thank him enough for including EarthWater on his epic journey.''

EarthWater is proud to have Bo Marchionte as a brand ambassador and extend our biggest congratulations to him for his amazing achievement. Bo continues to be an inspiration to us all especially diving into this New Year and striving to make 2019 our healthiest year yet.

Follow Bo Marchionte and EarthWater on his running journey at: @bo_loves_running and read his BLOG on

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