Earl Thomas appears to ignore former head coach in first return to Seattle

Ryan Wormeli
NBC Sports Washington

It's no secret that Earl Thomas and the Seahawks organization ended on poor terms. The image of the star safety making an obscene gesture toward his own bench while being carted off the field is one of the most indelible from the 2018 season, and Thomas was not shy about his displeasure with the franchise.

Knowing that, the Ravens were extra focused on getting Thomas a big win in Seattle on Sunday, something they accomplished with a hard-fought 30-16 victory.

During the game, there were a couple of moments in which Thomas appeared to be jawing with the Seahawks bench. Media members pointed out his antics at a few key points in the game.

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After the game was won, Thomas was happy and cordial with a few of his longtime teammates. He shared a long embrace with the new face of the Seahawks defense in Bobby Wagner, and then made a beeline to swap jerseys with Russell Wilson.

What you may have noticed is who Thomas *didn't* embrace, shake hands with or even talk to. On his way from Wagner to Wilson, Thomas notably brushes right past his former head coach, Pete Carroll.

Carroll makes no effort to stop Thomas, and Thomas makes no effort to stop Carroll. It's possible the two just didn't notice each other, but given their long history and the relevance of that storyline, it's hard to imagine them completely missing each other.

It appears Thomas was happy to ignore his longtime coach, and his coach was happy to oblige.

Thomas is a highly competitive player, and a big win keyed by his new defense in his old stomping grounds had to feel good. But the postgame handshakes, and lack thereof, show that the hatchet may not be completely buried just yet.


Earl Thomas appears to ignore former head coach in first return to Seattle originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

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