Eagles writers Reuben Frank and Dave Zangaro talk Jalen Hurts, team on Reddit

Reuben Frank, Dave Zangaro talk Jalen Hurts, Eagles on Reddit AMA originally appeared on NBC Sports Philadelphia

Philadelphia Eagles football has been fun to follow along in 2022. Philly fans in general have been spoiled and treated to a couple of team outlooks. You have the Phillies making it to the World Series. The Sixers have two straight (as of Monday 10/31). The Flyers are off to a strong start to their season. If you're fan of one of all of these teams then things have been good for you.

Week 8 has come and gone and with a 7-0 undefeated record, expectations are understandably sky high for the Eagles. We connected with our very own Reuben Frank and Dave Zangaro who cover the Eagles for NBC Sports Philadelphia. We thought it'd be a great chance to bring them on and hop into a Reddit AMA to talk Eagles, the NFL trade deadline, expectations, answers questions from the community and anything else in between.

Check out the top questions and answers from their AMA:

What can be done to convince the Eagles that they need to do something serious about special teams -- and right now, not just during the offseason? Don't you agree that it's really time to do something? u/bereddy

Reuben: "Hey bereddy. Special teams is a nightmare but I'm not sure what options the Eagles have. They're not going to fire Michael Clay in the middle of the season (although I probably would), and I'm not sure how much tweaking the bottom of the roster would really help. There really aren't any good options to replace Britain Covey on punts - Greg Ward has a lower career average than Covey! And I don't think it's all his fault anyway. There just aren't any lanes there. So I think at this point it's just hang on and hope things get better. Which isn't ideal."

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Any chance Roseman trades for a RB that can complement Sanders? Kareem Hunt is sometimes mentioned here for his pass-catching. u/Rhino-Ham

Reuben: "I do think there's a chance Howie adds a RB but I think it's less than 50%. As for Hunt, Howie will take locker room fit into consideration with bringing in a new guy in the middle of the season as much as ability and I'm just not sure about that piece of it. Hunt is really talented but hasn't been an elite player since he was in K.C. and I'm just not sure what you're getting with some locker room questions is worth giving up a pick, even a later pick. But with Howie, never say never."

Who is your favorite Eagle to interview? u/oldirtybradford

Dave: "My favorite in the locker room right now is probably Jason Kelce. Just always so insightful. I haven't been doing this as long as Roob (subtle jab) but since I started covering the team, I'll go with Malcolm Jenkins. I always marveled at how well he was able to eloquently switch from topic to topic, always giving thoughtful answers. And he understood that part of his role as one of the main leaders of the team was being accountable publicly. He always had time to talk."

No hard hitting question for you guys I just wanted to let you both know that I enjoy the podcast because you both use actual stats or facts to support an argument as opposed to heresy.

My somewhat serious question is at this point in the season when would you expect the Eagles to actually lose a game? Other than the Titans, Giants x2, and Dallas the remaining schedule looks incredibly soft. u/HeyLittleChogger

Dave: "Thanks for the kind words. We appreciate that. It's a fair question. Because if you look at their schedule, at least as things stand now, it's tough to find those losses. The game that stands out to me is [the] Titans in Week 13. That's a tough team that plays a physical style of football and won't roll over. And the Eagles have struggled some to bottle up the run, so the thought of Derrick Henry breaking tackles and running downhill could be a problem. But let's face it ... the Eagles are going to be favored in most of their remaining games. It'll be up to the leaders to make sure complacency doesn't set in."

Catch Reuben and Dave's full AMA here.

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