Eagles unveil bizarre new food options at Lincoln Financial Field

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Eagles unveil bizarre new food options at the Linc originally appeared on NBC Sports Philadelphia

For most people, just the chance to attend a home Eagles game and experience the unreal atmosphere of a Birds game in South Philly is plenty of incentive.

But perhaps there is someone out there who is on the edge, and can only be convinced to attend the game by the temptation of a fried cheese log dipped in a sauce infused with Rita's water ice.

If that's you, I have some great (and highly specific) news.

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Aramark is bringing some wacky and wild new food options to NFL stadiums across the country this season as part of its "Snack Hack" menu additions.

"Have you ever wondered what your go-to snack would taste like when turned into an entrée?" Aramark asks. I can't say I have, but I guess we're going to find out.

The Eagles' Snack Hack contributions will be served in Section 138 this season. Here's what we're working with:

"Dunkin'™ Macchiato Cereal crusted beef brisket and Monterey jack cheese croquettes served with Rita’s Wild Black Cherry Ice BBQ sauce."


Here's a close-up of those cheese croquettes with the Rita's water ice barbecue sauce:

I mean, the croquettes could wind up being perfectly fine - maybe even downright good depending on how many Miller Lites you've absconded with from the Phlite Deck - but I have no idea how a Rita's barbecue sauce doesn't wind up being sickeningly sweet. Rita's is delicious, but aggressive. Prepare your stomach lining accordingly.

As far as the macchiato cereal-crusted brisket is concerned... why? I understand the concept of a coffee rub, and I get that it'll bring some intriguing textures to the playing field, but I just have no need to try that. I will instead eat normal food. There's enough going on at an NFL game to provide more than enough stimulus. Give me something I'm used to, something I'm familiar with. Relax, gastro-scientists.

A perfect alternative: the Birds are also bringing in Philly Cheesesteak Co. on the roll, a family-owned food truck headquartered in Hershey, Pennsylvania, that has been dishing out steaks in the area for years. They'll be available in Section 120.

The Eagles' first home game of the season comes Week 2 on Monday Night Football against the Vikings. It should be an electric atmosphere as Minnesota returns to the scene of 38-7. If you try one of these culinary monstrosities at that game, please let me know how it was.