Eagles mailbag: Deshaun Watson? Going WR at No. 6?

Dave Zangaro
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Eagles mailbag: Deshaun Watson? Going WR at No. 6? originally appeared on NBC Sports Philadelphia

We answered the first group of your questions yesterday but there are still plenty more to go.

Let’s get right to it:

I got several questions about Deshaun Watson, so let’s just talk about it here.

Should the Eagles pursue Watson? Sure. But it’s not gonna happen. The Eagles aren’t going to trade for him because Watson isn’t getting traded. I know it sounds like he’s upset right now but that’s not enough reason to trade him. It’s a very different situation in Philadelphia where a bad relationship might end up with Carson Wentz leaving town. The difference is that Watson is still a good player. In fact, he just had a tremendous season.

What would it take to trade for Watson? Well, start with multiple first round picks and go from there. It would be crazy expensive. If any team were to trade for Watson, it would probably need to be a team ready to win right now because of the draft picks you’d have to give up to get him. The Eagles have so many holes to fill right now.

It might be the most likely position. There appear to be two receivers in that range who would be valuable picks there. Either Devonta Smith or Ja’Marr Chase would make a good No. 6 pick.

Of the two, my preference would be Chase, who is such a well-rounded player and would immediately get plugged into the starting X position with the Birds. A receiving corps with Chase, Jalen Reagor, Greg Ward and then maybe one of either Quez Watkins or John Hightower isn’t bad and the Eagles could grow with it.

But I don’t want to completely discount other positions at No. 6. The Eagles have holes to fill that go beyond receiver. They could use a cornerback, an edge rusher and even some offensive line help. Heck, you can’t rule out QB either whenever you’re this high. This won’t be as easy as best player available — no one expects them to take a linebacker, for example — but think of it as best player available based on the way they weigh positions. Receiver should be at the top of that list.

In a year, we still won’t have any idea if Roseman failed with the sixth pick. I’ll never be ready to call a player a bust after one season. So even if Roseman drafts a player who doesn’t perform up to expectations as a rookie, that won’t be grounds for firing. If we end up in a situation where the Eagles take a receiver and the other guy goes at No. 7 and tears up the league, it would add to a case against him (and it would be a nightmare for fans). But this one pick won’t — and shouldn’t — define him … at least not after one year.

Yeah, it was frustrating that it took so long for the Eagles to implement that in game action, but I can assure you they worked on those plays dating back to training camp. Why didn’t the Eagles use it earlier? I’m not sure. But the entire offense was so out of whack. There are bigger problems to worry about.

I would never rule it out but it would be tough to do. I really think the Eagles’ priority this offseason is trying to make it work with Wentz but Roseman is never shy about big splash moves. He was able to move from 13 to 2 five years ago, so it would be much easier to move from 6 to 2, but the Eagles would need the Jets to be willing to pass on Fields. If the Jets think Fields is their franchise guy, they aren’t trading that pick and they’re going to take him. The reason the Browns were willing to trade that No. 2 pick back in 2016 was because they weren’t sold on Wentz.

Nah, apparently Schwartz had been planning on this for a while and it actually just came out before that Week 17 game.

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