Eagles land more pass rush help with Smith

Chris Simms and Ahmed Fareed look at how the Eagles were able to land Georgia star Nolan Smith and how he will fit in with Philadelphia's defense.

Video Transcript

AHMED FAREED: Dude Perfect on our TV with Mama Kelce.

CHRIS SIMMS: Mama Kelce.

AHMED FAREED: Two picks to go, Eagles on the clock. As a Giants fan, how would you feel if they get both Jalen Carter and--

CHRIS SIMMS: Oh, my gosh, it's like nightmares of Phil Simms past, of these '80s and 90s Eagles, of Reggie White and Clyde Simmons and Jerome Brown. Oh, my gosh. I'm watching this. I'm looking at Mama Kelce, who's got incredibly square shoulders and is bigger than Dude Perfect. That's what I'm watching right now.

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AHMED FAREED: I think she would be middle linebacker, maybe strong side linebacker.

CHRIS SIMMS: Right. Her and--

AHMED FAREED: Jack Campbell.

CHRIS SIMMS: Jack Campbell.

AHMED FAREED: That's right. Who will be better? That's a legitimate question at this point. Who will have a longer career?

CHRIS SIMMS: You guys will be OK.

AHMED FAREED: All right, so it's not going to be Will Levis, we don't think.

CHRIS SIMMS: No, it's not going to be that.

AHMED FAREED: That would shock the world. Mama Kelce making the pick. And they take.

CHRIS SIMMS: Nolan Smith, gosh. What?

AHMED FAREED: I can't believe it.

CHRIS SIMMS: That's unbelievable. They got the three best defensive players, I mean, in the draft the last two years from Georgia.


AHMED FAREED: Jordan Davis last year.

CHRIS SIMMS: Jordan Davis.

AHMED FAREED: Defensive tackle.

CHRIS SIMMS: Right. Nolan Smith, Jalen Carter. Oh, my gosh. The rich just get richer. I mean, they got Haason Reddick, and then they got Haason Reddick again.

AHMED FAREED: So what is their-- I mean, do they have room for all of them to play?

CHRIS SIMMS: Well, I think they do. I think this is where you got to look into it. And this is where they have a little bit of the we're stacked, and we can take a guy like this because we have no desperate needs on our team.

But if you evaluate them, Barnett, last year of his contract. Brandon Graham, on the last year of his contract, right? And even with Josh Sweat, he's another guy that could be the last year of his contract.


So they could be theoretically at the end of this year coming up in 2023 and go, wait, all we have is Haason Reddick as an edge pass rusher under contract. Nobody else, right? So I think that's where it is.

And then, now you've got big guys in the middle. Fletcher Cox, Jordan Davis, Jalen Carter. And you can be versatile on the edge with what these guys do. Oh, oh, Haason Reddick blitzes. OK, Nolan Smith drops. Oh, Nolan Smith blitzes on this play, Haason Reddick drops. I mean, they're just going to be able to do so many different personnel sets and pairings up front. That's what's going to be really exciting.

AHMED FAREED: Nolan Smith, not that big. Super fast, thought.

CHRIS SIMMS: Super fast, super explosive. Up there with the guys we've talked about so far as pound for pound the strongest people in the draft. Up there on the Chris Simms Man-Crush-O-Meter. Because again, he plays with a style that we talk about all the time.

He has no regard for his body. 330 pound linemen, tall, and he knocks them on their ass, right? He's phenomenal. And hands down, the best first step and the best bend in the whole draft. Nobody comes around the edge more like Von Miller than Nolan Smith than anybody in this draft.