Eagles give intimate look at Nick Sirianni's arrival in Philadelphia

Shamus Clancy
·1 min read

Eagles showcase inside look at Sirianni's arrival originally appeared on NBC Sports Philadelphia

With the Eagles making the hiring of Nick Sirianni official yesterday, they are rolling out the red carpet for his arrival in Philadelphia today. The official Eagles Twitter account is giving an in-depth (maybe too in-depth?) step-by-step look at his journey to Eagles facilities:

The team may be a tad too excited to give an inside look at their latest head coach, but I have to respect Sirianni's plaid jacket. In one person's view, it may scream substitute English literature teacher. To me, however, it looks like a guy who's going to go for it on fourth down in between the 40s.

The whole situation may steer too far towards the over-the-top range (did we all really need a shot of Swoop dancing on an airport runway?), but it's quite clear that the Eagles are very eager to proceed with the post-Doug Pederson era of Eagles football.