Eagles favored to reach Super Bowl in NFC

Chris Simms and Ahmed Fareed analyze team odds to win the NFC championship following the 2023 NFL Draft. The Eagles are favored, but the 49ers are close behind.

Video Transcript

CHRIS SIMMS: They have the '90s Eagles defense right now, which my dad would tell you is the best defense he ever played against in his life. That late '80s, early '90s Eagles. And they have the '92 Cowboys offense. It's kind of a good team. Just the '90s defense and the '92 Cowboys. That's it, just those two teams right there.

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AHMED FAREED: Well, if that's the case, then they will be hands down the favorite to get to the Super Bowl once again. BetMGM is here for that. And the Eagles are the favorite--

CHRIS SIMMS: Oh, they are the favorites.

AHMED FAREED: --right now, but the 49ers are not far behind.

CHRIS SIMMS: Right. I saw a flipped one of this on another sportsbook on the TV.

AHMED FAREED: Well, check back tomorrow--


AHMED FAREED: --because who knows? Eagles are plus 300. 49ers are plus 350. So they are very close. Cowboys, the third choice at plus 650. And then my Detroit Lions-- oh no-- at plus 850.


CHRIS SIMMS: Oh, you're not under the radar anymore there, Ahmed.

AHMED FAREED: I don't like that.

CHRIS SIMMS: You guys are all out there, yeah.

AHMED FAREED: I don't like that at all.

CHRIS SIMMS: The Lions-- yeah, your own dream team out there. Well, I think, one, the 49ers are awesome. We know that. I guess I would probably have the Eagles as an even a little bit more of a favorite than the 49ers at this point, but not by much.

AHMED FAREED: And it just goes to show you, the 49ers quarterback situation is so up in the air right now.

CHRIS SIMMS: Exactly. And--

AHMED FAREED: I guess Vegas doesn't care.


CHRIS SIMMS: --they don't even care. Well, yeah, because the 49ers have shown us quarterback doesn't matter. They've pretty much shown they can win and do it in a lot of different ways. But I think the biggest thing about this graphic here, what we got from BetMGM on the NFC odds, is just that clearly there's two teams, and then there's a fall-off.

I mean, their odds are twice as good as the Cowboys, who's the third team on the list. And then even the Cowboys are significantly up on the Lions. That's where it's a crazy thing right now. I said this today on Florio, the AFC's as good as we've ever seen it. It's as good as the 1970s.

And then you got the NFC. And you go, OK, Eagles, Niners and, OK, Cowboys. We know that. But who else is going to be there? We think your Lions are going to be there, but I'd like to see it. I think the Seahawks are going to be there, but I'd like to see a little bit more. So there's clearly a gap in the NFC.

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