Eagles fans flipped when 'overrated' Sean McVay was ranked ahead of Doug Pederson

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There are few stretches over the course of a year when there aren’t an abundance of relevant NFL headlines — and that’s exactly how the league likes it.

This is an entity that creates one-hour prime-time specials to announce its regular-season schedule.

But during the quieter times, NFL writers produce stories to keep readers engaged. Those stories almost always involve rankings, and nothing gets fans fired up like rankings.

And few fan bases relish getting riled up more than Philadelphia Eagles supporters.

Sean McVay ranked over Doug Pederson

Philadelphia Eagles fans came to the defense of head coach Doud Pederson on Twitter. (AP)
Philadelphia Eagles fans came to the defense of head coach Doud Pederson on Twitter. (AP)

What led to this, you may be wondering? Well on Wednesday the good people at Sporting News published their 2019 NFL head-coach rankings.

As any sane-thinking, non-blindly-Patriots-hating person would, SN put New England’s Bill Belichick at No. 1.

What followed, however, is very much up for debate, and in particular sent Philly fans into a Twitter tizzy.


Sporting News ranked Los Angeles Rams coach Sean McVay second, several spots ahead of Eagles coach Doug Pederson, whom the outlet ranked at No. 7.

We’re not here to knock SN’s ranking; for one, we’re not infallible when it comes to these types of endeavors, and for another, they’re probably hearing from enough people as it is.

‘Doug gets results’

Scrolling the responses to SN’s tweet or a quick search for “McVay” or “McVay Pederson” on Twitter shows numerous Eagles followers, and even non-Eagles followers who are incredulous that Pederson in particular is ranked so far below McVay, who is viewed as a wunderkind by many.

And that is just a small sampling.

As noted by many, Pederson and the Eagles are 2-0 against McVay’s Rams, with both games played in Los Angeles. McVay has done a fine job turning around the perpetually moribund Rams, getting them to the Super Bowl earlier this year, but many of the coaches ranked behind him, including Pederson, have won a Super Bowl.

Do Eagles fanatics have a case? Where would you rank Sean McVay relative to the other head coaches in the NFL? Let us know in the comments.

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