Eagles fan trolls Patriots fans with a billboard outside Gillette Stadium

Philadelphia Eagles fans are continuing to celebrate the Super Bowl victory they waited more than a lifetime for. And some fans want their celebration to be seen by New England Patriots fans whenever possible.

A Massachusetts-based Eagles fan raised $5,000 on GoFundMe to put up a billboard about a mile outside of the Patriots’ home stadium. And of course the billboard features key moments from the Eagles’ 41-33 win over New England.

An Eagles fan living in Massachusetts raised money to have an Eagles billboard put up outside of Gillette Stadium. (Twitter/@JClarkNBCS)
An Eagles fan living in Massachusetts raised money to have an Eagles billboard put up outside of Gillette Stadium. (Twitter/@JClarkNBCS)
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We’ve got Nick Foles catching the Philly Special touchdown, Jason Kelce in his amazing Mummers costume giving the most amazing hype speech in the history of victory parades and Tom Brady being sacked. Foles and Brady aren’t wearing their normal jersey numbers, but 41 and 33 to denote the final score of the game.

The idea of an Eagles billboard outside Gillette Stadium is pretty funny, but the execution of this particular billboard, well, it’s a little weird. The graphics on the billboard aren’t photos, but paintings done by artist Jordan Spector. Up close, the paintings are quite nice. (At least to Eagles fans.)

But on the billboard, the images look blurry and unfocused. When you add the weird quality of the text on top of that, it sort of looks like a 1970s velvet painting. Which is great for the wall of your wood paneled basement (right above your 8-track player), but maybe not the best choice for a billboard.

However, there were reasons the billboard art ended up looking a little wonky.

It’s hard to please everyone, but in the end, Patriots fans were probably annoyed while pretending they weren’t annoyed, which was the point of the billboard to begin with. Billboard or not, nothing has changed: the Eagles still won the Super Bowl.

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