Eagles fan pays tribute to Jason Kelce's speech with incredible tattoo

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The entire city of Philadelphia is probably very hung over after Thursday’s epic Super Bowl championship parade, and with good reason. It was an absolute banger, complete with Doug Pederson letting fans kiss the Lombardi Trophy, and players asking for — and getting — beer along the parade route.

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But the highlight was Jason Kelce’s unbelievable speech on the Art Museum steps. He aired his grievances with everyone who underrated and crapped on the Eagles throughout the season, and the fans absolutely loved it. Plus, he was dressed in a Mummers costume (paying tribute to Philly’s traditional New Year’s Mummers Parade), which endeared him to the fans even more. By the end of his speech, the entire crowd was ready to name him the mayor of Philadelphia.

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And now one fan has found a way to remember that speech for the rest of his life.

That is a Jason Kelce championship speech tattoo right there. And it’s a really, really good one. Some tattoos of faces don’t really look like the face they’re based on, but this gifted artist captured Kelce perfectly. In fact, he managed to capture Kelce’s very essence in that tattoo. You can imagine that tattoo coming alive and giving his speech from that guy’s arm.

And really, a tattoo is the perfect way to pay tribute to what is unquestionably the greatest speech in Philadelphia sports history, and perhaps the greatest sports speech of all time. In the future, there will be epic poems written about it. Enormous pieces of art will be created to pay tribute to it. But given the tone and content of that speech, not to mention Kelce’s gloriously insane costume, a tattoo is the art form that serves it best.

If we’re talking Eagles tattoos, it’s tough to judge the Kelce ink against the “Philly Special” tattoo another fan got the day after the Super Bowl.

They’re so different, so it’s hard to declare one the winner over the other. The “Philly Special” tattoo is clearly the best Super Bowl tattoo, and the Kelce tattoo is clearly the best parade tattoo. Let’s just say they’re both the best, and hope that most people who want to get celebratory Eagles ink follow those examples and don’t get anything too regrettable permanently drawn on their bodies.

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