Eagles draft LB Nakobe Dean 83rd overall after surprising free-fall | PFF Draft Show

The PFF team discusses the Philadelphia Eagles selection of Georgia LB Nakobe Dean in the 3rd Round of the 2022 NFL Draft.

Video Transcript

- Seriously.

- That would have been hilarious. We've got the Philadelphia Eagles on the clock now. Obviously, we chatted about the Jordan Davis trade with them going up to get him at number 13, the AJ Brown trade, which is a massive addition that we have to name as well, and then Cam Jurgens was their other draft pick that they've had.

Here and now, it's up at 83. Linebacker, dare I say it? Could this be a Nakobe Dean--

- Nakobe?

- --spot, right? It sure as hell seems like Nakobe Dean's not going to go tonight, but--

- It doesn't seem like it.

- --it feels like this would be the chance for them to get a major draft steal. Now, we've got Leo Chenal, who is still on the board as well. I think that he could be a good fit as a downhill attacking linebacker for the Philadelphia Eagles, if they want to go that direction. But Seth, what do you think about the additions that they could possibly make here?

- Yeah, if it's not going to be Nakobe Dean, which I guess, at this point, like you said, doesn't look likely with everything that we've heard in the past hour, Leo Chenal is a really good linebacker, man.

- What?

- It was Nakobe Dean.


- Yeah. And [INAUDIBLE]

- Let me finish my thoughts on Leo Chenal. Leo Chenal--

- Wow! No, no, no, no, no, no, no, we got to talk about this.

- Literally, as you said it, it pops up--

- We've got Nakobe Dean going--

- --Jordan Schultz.

- --81, 81 here. Look, if the guy never plays a down of football, obviously not a great investment, but some people are saying, hey, worst case scenario, it's a redshirt year for Nakobe Dean. If you are getting a fully healthy, healed up Nakobe Dean to start 2023, that's still worth 81 to me.

- Absolutely.

- That football player? 83, 83, sorry.

- If he plays at all, this pick is [INAUDIBLE].

- Yeah.

- He is insane how his football IQ. They said, his freshman year, he was the only freshman to ever come into Georgia who knew the playbook day one. He was teaching other freshmen at the install the playbook, because he had already got it down, Pat. He took last year, a third round pick, Monty Rice's job as a sophomore. Monty Rice was a senior. He took his job as a true sophomore. That just does not happen [? for ?] guys, as talented as Monty Rice is.

So fewest downgrades of any Power Five linebacker last year, any starter, 91.7 overall grade, the highest-graded Georgia defender, only allowed 126 yards on 37 targets, and for all the size concerns, 5' 11", 229, he has almost identical wingspan to Nick Bolton. And to me, linebacker position wingspan far more important than just pure height. You're not really jumping to go find a rim or anything like that. So yeah, the size concerns are overblown in my opinion. With what we saw from Nick Bolton and how he played at the NFL level, Nakobe Dean's going to be a stud.

- [? Playing ?] behind his buddy Jordan Davis.

- Yeah.

- I like it.

- Not bad. Not bad.

- I haven't seen a linebacker with the amount that the contact balance that he has. The ability to get through holes without being knocked over by bigger offensive linemen is as good as you're going to get. His blitz pathing-- I know that's very specific-- it is as good as I've ever seen at linebacker.

Like you said, he is super intelligent. He gets people in the right positions all the time. He'll learn this defense from day one. Again, if he plays, if he's healthy, pick 83 is unbelievable value for this player.

- It's just good drafting, right? Because what's the strategy in round three? Sometimes some teams actually can find a starting guard in round three, right? You can kind of find a starting player. Most of the time we're talking about the niche players, though, right? You're a third corner and you might compete at slot.


This is another one of those things, though, where if it hits, the payout is incredible, because it's probably a first-round-caliber payout with Nakobe Dean.