Eagles: Dom DiSandro will not be on the sideline Sunday, will fulfill all his other roles

Eagles head of security Dom DiSandro will not be permitted on the sideline for Sunday night's game against the Cowboys, but the team is standing by DiSandro's ability to fulfill his other job requirements.

In a statement on Saturday morning, the Eagles confirmed that DiSandro will be off the sideline while the NFL continues to look into the incident that happened between DiSandro and 49ers linebacker Dre Greenlaw last week.

“This is an ongoing conversation with the NFL, and we are going to respect the restriction that is currently in place. Although Dom will not be on the sideline this Sunday, he will continue to fulfill his role with the team in all other capacities," the Eagles said in their statement.

Greenlaw was ejected from the game after last week's incident, and DiSandro was also instructed by the officials to leave the sideline. Whether DiSandro will ever be allowed back on the sideline is not something the NFL has yet determined, but for this week anyway, DiSandro will be watching the game from elsewhere.