Eagles DI Javon Hargrave has five sacks in the last five days

The Philadelphia Eagles were short on depth on their interior defensive line as they faced the Houston Texans on Thursday night. Rookie Jordan Davis is out for at least four games on injured reserve with an ankle issue, and veteran Fletcher Cox was working through his own ankle issues in this game. Philly’s run defense certainly reflected Davis’ absence, as it had all season in a situational, as opposed to injury-related sense.

So, with all that going on, defensive tackle Javon Hargrave decided to take over the game, and just house both left guard Kenyon Green and center Scott Quessenberry all game long. Hargrave had three sacks and multiple pressures in the Eagles’ 29-17 win to take them to 8-0 as the NFL’s sole undefeated team, and given the extent to which this team played with its food in the first half, it could be said that Hargrave saved his franchise’s unblemished record.

Here’s Green, the rookie guard, getting bull-rushed twice on the way to quarterback Davis Mills…

… and here, he just blows by Quessenberry for another takedown.

Last Sunday against the Pittsburgh Steelers in a 35-13 win, Hargrave was similarly unblockable. He had two sacks, two quarterback hits, and five quarterback hurries against Pittsburgh’s overmatched offensive line.

Here, left guard Kevin Dotson thought he had Hargrave pushed out of the pocket, but Hargrave made a great recovery to take quarterback Kenny Pickett to the turf.

On this sack, Dotson didn’t stand a chance; Hargrave just rode him right into the quarterback.

At his best, Hargrave is as disruptive as just about anybody at his position in the NFL, and he turned it up to 11 at exactly the right time.

Story originally appeared on Touchdown Wire