Eagles condemn DeSean Jackson sharing fake Adolf Hitler quote on Instagram: 'Absolutely appalling'

The Philadelphia Eagles are not happy with wide receiver DeSean Jackson after Jackson shared a fake Adolf Hilter quote on Instagram on Monday. The team released a statement Tuesday, calling Jackson’s posts “offensive, harmful and absolutely appalling.”

In that statement, the Eagles called on the 33-year-old Jackson to not only apologize, but to take action by promoting “unity, quality and respect.”

The Eagles added they were still evaluating the situation, and “will take the appropriate action.”

Jackson followed through on that first part Tuesday, apologizing for those statements. He begins the apology by stating he posts “a lot of things that are sent to me.”

“I want to extend an apology on the behalf of me and what I stand for,” Jackson said. “I never wanted to raise doubt or put any people down. My post was definitely not intended for anybody of any race to feel any type of way, especially the Jewish community. When I posted what I posted, I definitely didn’t mean it to the extent you guys took it.”

According to NBC Sports Philadelphia’s John Clark, Jackson has personally apologized to Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie and general manager Howie Roseman, who are both Jewish. Jackson and his camp have also reportedly consulted with Rabbi Doniel Grodnitzky of Chabad Young Philly for help and education.

Jackson initially drew backlash after posting the fake quote in which Hitler supposedly said he would start World War III to stop white Jews from oppressing the Black community. Snopes has identified that passage as fake.

After receiving criticism, Jackson initially doubled down, reposting the quote and saying he “has no hatred in my heart.” Jackson then posted another quote highlighting a line suggesting Jewish people have a “plan for world domination.”

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