Eagles' Brandon Graham has perfect troll of Cowboys after Dallas playoff elimination

Adam Hermann
·2 min read

Graham fires off truly perfect troll of Cowboys originally appeared on NBC Sports Philadelphia

The Dallas Cowboys were eliminated from playoff contention in hilarious fashion on Sunday afternoon, which led to some serious rejoicing across Philadelphians.

Including one Eagles great, who loved seeing Dallas take an L just as much as the next Birds fan.

As football fans laughed in real time at the Cowboys throwing an interception in the end zone, and then failing to recover a crucial fumble with less than 70 seconds to go, Brandon Graham fired off a simple but scorching tweet with multiple layers:

Right to the point! There's nothing better than laughing at the Cowboys. A perfect troll, because Graham truly is one of us.

But the best part is that Graham was laughing at the Cowboys as they were on the wrong side of a fumble review.Here's what happened to the Cowboys, if you missed it:

And to many Eagles fans, this felt like some revenge for the "no clear recovery" disaster of 2018 between the Eagles and Cowboys.

Remember this one?

Just infuriating, to this day. 

Eagles fans were furious at the time over the call, which was clearly wrong and changed the course of the game.

I'm sure Graham's mind immediately returned to that fateful fumble ruling when he saw the Cowboys fail to get the ball back with the game on the line.

Now the Eagles can feel free to win or lose against Washington and not worry about giving Dallas a ticket to the postseason. Fans are likely still rooting for a loss, because of draft pick implications, but it all feels a little safer now.

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