Eagles bail out officials on phantom pass interference call in loss to Cowboys

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Sunday’s Dallas Cowboys win over the Philadelphia Eagles almost had a very different storyline.

With the Philadelphia Eagles trailing 23-16 in the fourth quarter, quarterback Carson Wentz found tight end Dallas Goedert for what looked like a huge 75-yard touchdown pass to tie the game.

A flag was thrown near the point of the catch close to midfield before Goedert broke through the Dallas secondary for the score.

TD turned over for pass interference

It wasn’t evident during the play what the penalty was. Officials eventually announced that Goedert committed offensive pass interference for the swim move he put on Cowboys safety Jeff Heath to break free on the play.

It was standard contact on a move commonly seen on NFL passes that don’t get flagged. Instead of a touchdown, Philadelphia was left staring at second-and-20 from the Dallas 15-yard line.

Eagles bailed officials out

Had the penalty been the difference in the game, it would have also been the story of the game. Thankfully for the officials, the Eagles went on to score a quick touchdown on the drive to tie the game at 23-23.

The Cowboys went on to win in overtime with Amari Cooper’s third touchdown catch of the day. Officials should be pleased that he’s making headlines instead of them.

Philadelphia Eagles tight end Dallas Goedert (Getty Images)
Philadelphia Eagles tight end Dallas Goedert (Getty Images)

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