The E-Trace electric sled from Arosno is a new way to explore snowy slopes

Arosno developed a 3-point sled system that allows virtually anyone to comfortably maneuver snowy slopes. With the help of an eclectic support system users can simply sit down and peddle, using the vertical handlebars to turn. E-Trace has a removable 48V battery and when fully charged can provide 28 miles of assisted support. Learn more at

Transcript: An e-bike for snow lovers. The Arosno E-Trace is a unique way to enjoy snowy landscapes. A leisure machine that’s part bike and part snowmobile. The 3-point sled is pedal-powered but does have additional electric support. Vertical handlebars turn the sled and the rubber track aids mobility. The E-Trace weighs 99 lbs. The removable 48V battery provides motorized assistance up to 15.5 mph. And has 28 miles of range when fully charged. The E-Trace currently retails for a little over $7,800

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