The dynamic duo of Dolphins’ Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle | Yahoo Fantasy Football Forecast

Yahoo Sports' Matt Harmon and Scott Pianowski explain why the Miami wide receivers are two of the best receiving threats in the NFL.

Video Transcript

SCOTT PIANOWSKI: Miami, man. I still-- look, I still don't know how good Tua is. I may never know how good Tua is.

It always feels like when he throws that deep ball he has to really get behind it and to throw his whole body into it. All of his medium throws like Hail Marys to me.

But man, Tyreek Hill, 14 targets off the bus. And Waddle catches eight of nine, goes over 100 for a couple of touchdowns. And then they sprinkle in a little bit of Gesicki, so if you're a disparate tight end, you get a touchdown from him. They basically throw the two guys, and then everybody else is just a lesser name in this offense. And those two guys can win at every strata of the field.

You can run so many different things. Every defense has to be like, how the hell are we going to cover Jaylen Waddle and Tyreek Hill for three hours? God knows Detroit couldn't do it. And I feel like if the Dolphins needed to score 41 in this game, they would have done it. If they needed to score 50 in this game, they would have done it. Detroit put up some early points.

Miami, how do you cover two guys who can not only run by you, and with the speed they have, Hill's just about the fastest guy in the league, but they're such great route runners. And they're going to kill you on those dig routes, and those intermediate routes, and those after the catch plays.

It's just really fun to watch Miami. And I think they got a nice-- I think they hired the right coach. You win some games you're supposed to lose. You lose some games you're supposed to win. They shouldn't have won that Buffalo game. They never should have lost that Minnesota game, so that comes out in the wash.

It was a little bit disappointing that Mostert didn't do much more this week. But--

MATT HARMON: Yeah that was disappointing.

SCOTT PIANOWSKI: If we redrafted, Tyreek Hill might be like the fifth or sixth overall pick.

MATT HARMON: Seriously, and this offense, you mentioned it, just sort of two guys. Like, the epitome of oh, what's a good team? Just throw it to your good players. That's a good offensive system. That's a good passing game.

So far on the season, Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle have a combined 54.8% of the team targets, and a 67.1% share of the air yards, and it feels like way more than that, right? Because these guys have been so good. And speed is sexy. Speed is what sells.

But Tyreek Hill is a great deep receiver more than just because he's the fastest guy on the field. You're right. He's the fastest guy on the field. But it's almost to the point that we're-- remember a couple-- like a few years ago, it was like, oh is Jared Goff really going to be that good? If he didn't play in the Rams offense? Well, I think we kind of know the answer to that. But it's like, well, he is playing the Rams offense, OK?

Like, could Tua throw deep passes to any old receiver? I don't know. Could he compete go routes to Trent Sherfield, to DeVante Parker, who used to play for this team? I don't know. But who cares? Because he gets to throw go routes to Tyreek Hill, and Tyreek Hill is the fastest guy on the field. But he's also one of the best.

There's so much to being a great deep threat, like timing, the ability to track the ball in the air, the ability to time your jumps, the ability to get up in the air at the right time, and just to be a bad ass at the catch point, kind of like the modern day version of Steve Smith. That was the original player comparison for Tyreek Hill. And that's exactly who he is.

So it doesn't matter that Tua doesn't throw the sexiest-looking deep ball. He's going to be the most efficient deep passer in the NFL because he gets to throw to these two guys, especially Tyreek Hill.

SCOTT PIANOWSKI: I love that comp to Steve Smith. I see the similarity with the body composition. I think Steve Smith put up a Hall of Fame career, and I think Tyreek Hill is just about-- has that finished off. Maybe one or two more years at this level and I he's a walk-in Hall of Famer as well.

MATT HARMON: He's probably not going to do it, but he is on pace for a 2000-yard receiving season, and it's not even like he-- like, oh, wow, what is he going to be like playing with Tua instead of Patrick Mahomes? I mean, shoot, he's been playing with like Teddy Bridgewater and Skylar Thompson at different points this year. So yeah, it's an unbelievable season.

SCOTT PIANOWSKI: He's been-- doesn't matter. It hasn't mattered at all. And that was one of my worst calls. I thought-- not that I thought Tyreek Hill would collapse, But I thought that he would feel the pain of being out of the womb of Andy Reid and out of the womb of Patrick Mahomes. And he looks as good as ever.

You want self reporting on things you got wrong, man? Again, it wasn't like I had Tyreek Hill ranked 37th overall or something like that, but it was a case of, OK. We'll get to this next game in a minute. When I had a choice of Tyreek Hill and. Davante Adams, he can tell you I chose wrong. I chose Davante Adams.