Dyche on VAR, striker fitness and Mykolenko's improvement

Sean Dyche has been speaking to the media before the Merseyside derby against Liverpool at Goodison Park on Wednesday (20:00 BST kick-off).

Here are the main lines from his news conference:

  • When asked about VAR after Sunday's win over Nottingham Forest: "The idea of VAR was to tidy up as many decisions as possible. Statically, it's shown that it is doing that. As long as they keep learning and speeding it up, I still think it's a good thing for the outcomes of games. I appreciate that it can get in the way of things from a supporter's point of view, but there has to be some form of getting these decisions right. They are doing they best they can, with a better way of doing it, with VAR."

  • On his first Merseyside derby at Goodison: "I'm well aware of the records that people have been telling me. I'm looking forward to the game. I didn't grow up here so I don't have the depth of understanding [of the rivalry] but what I do understand is how important it is to be Everton's manager - in all games, but particularly this one."

  • On the fitness of his forward line: "Beto definitely won't be available for the next couple of games. It's good news so far - he's had all the checks needed and he's fine. He just took a real knock. [Dominic Calvert Lewin] is hopeful that he'll be back. We'll wait and see until tomorrow."

  • On full-back Vitaliy Mykolenko: "He continues to improve. He's very quiet around the place but he's very professional in what he does. He's learned and progressed, and he continues to do so. It's not easy dealing with players one on one but I think he's done very well. I still think there's more to come and he's a very good player."

  • On Idrissa Gueye after a strong performance on Sunday: "He knows the game and he reads the game very well. He's done well with injuries recently - there's been close decisions on whether we can play him or not and he's come through. He's an important figure around the group."

  • On Reds boss Jurgen Klopp, who is set to manage in his final Merseyside derby before leaving Anfield in the summer: "Aside from being Everton's manager, massive respect for what he's done here and his other clubs. It's not easy to build things. It's not easy to get the time and belief to build things and he's done it at three clubs. Massive respect for that."

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