Dwyane Wade won’t stop bullying Mike Bibby

The basketball Internet loves to make fun of New York Knicks guard Mike Bibby, whether for his advanced age, his terrible shooting ability despite being on rosters solely to shoot, or his really hilariously slow foot speed. It's hard to know if any basketball fans even like Bibby anymore, except maybe Kings fans who went into a coma in 2002.

Dwyane Wade, who played with a very ineffective Bibby on the Miami Heat last season, is apparently a fan of these zingers. In Game 2 of their series, Wade threw Bibby's lost shoe away from a play during a possession. And, on Wednesday, Wade made fun of Bibby's recent shooting explosion against Miami. From Shandel Richardson for the Miami Sun-Sentinel (via SLAM):

"We know Mike has made more shots in this series than he made all last year [with the Heat]," Wade said. "Send that to Mike."

Bibby made his first start of the series for the New York Knicks, replacing the injured Baron Davis. Bibby entered Wednesday's game 5 of 13 from 3-point range during the series, including hitting a key basket late in the fourth quarter of the Knicks' Game 4 victory Sunday at Madison Square Garden.

The sad thing is that Wade's comments aren't even far off. In last year's postseason, he shot 17 of 66 from beyond the arc in 20 games. If you extrapolate Bibby's four games to 20, he'd shoot 25 of 65, or eight more makes in one fewer attempt. I haven't done that much math in roughly nine years, but it seems like a better percentage to me. So, yeah, Wade is a little right.

However, it's a little goofy that one of the best players in the NBA would make fun of Bibby like that. When bloggers like myself poke fun, it's with the understanding that Bibby is roughly 7 million times better at basketball than we are. Wade, on the other hand, is just picking on someone well below his station. In my world, we call that bullying, and a flailing veteran like Mike Bibby doesn't deserve it.

So pick on someone your own size, Dwyane. And pick your chin up, Mike. It gets better.

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