Dwyane Wade wears ‘Cat in the Hat’ socks to Miami Heat practice (PHOTO)

Back in August, before he had ever played an NBA game, Golden State Warriors rookie Harrison Barnes appeared before schoolchildren in Ames, Iowa decked out in full 'Cat in the Hat' garb. It was cool, it was creepy, and it was a cool offseason diversion as we awaited training camp.

Months later, as his team readies itself to play the Warriors in one of those endless Wednesday evening midseason affairs, Miami Heat guard one-upped the impressive Warriors rookie. Actually, no he didn’t. He just wore some ‘Cat in the Hat’ socks to Wednesday’s shootaround, as framed by ESPN’s Brian Windhorst:

And that’s pretty much all we have to say about that. If bored by this, there are several thousand words of basketball-related posts published today that you can read elsewhere on this free website before you decide to complain in the comment section.

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