Dwyane Wade wants to be reincarnated as a trust fund kid

No matter what you think of the Miami Heat, there's no denying that Dwyane Wade(notes) has worked hard to get where he is today. Born on Chicago's South Side, he used basketball as a path to wealth and fame. And while he's been blessed with a truckload of natural talent, he also turned himself into a basketballular machine by practicing as much as his body could take.

It's fair to say that he has earned himself a break. So it shouldn't come as much of a surprise that he told Esquire's Scott Raab (yes, that same Scott Raab) that he wants his next life to be a little less stressful:

If I come back, in my next life I'd like to be a trust-fund baby, where my parents made a lot of money and I could just fly under the radar.

At TrueHoop, Henry Abbott said he was surprised that a self-made success wouldn't be a total workaholic -- even in another life -- but that much effort can wear on a soul. Everyone needs a break sometimes. Although it should be noted that Wade says "if I come back," which means he might be a candidate to achieve a higher plane of existence and

It's fun to imagine Wade just sitting around and not doing much of anything other than making terrible fashion choices and texting with Charles Barkley, but it's also a bit of a waste. Thankfully he will have a new body in this new life, so there's no worry about our being disappointed in him.

In a related story, BDL was able to obtain other reincarnation preferences from some of the NBA's most exciting personalities:

*Chris Bosh(notes): a cowboy hat
*LeBron James(notes): himself
*Kobe Bryant(notes): the Ebola virus
*Gilbert Arenas(notes): an emo kid
*Tim Duncan(notes): a protractor
*Glen Davis(notes): Clifford the Big Red Dog
*Baron Davis(notes): Steve Nash(notes)
*Steve Nash: Baron Davis
*Kevin Durant(notes): a ray of sunshine
*Rajon Rondo(notes): a velociraptor

Try out your own in the comments.

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