Dwight Howard takes a joking, if needless, shot at LeBron’s hair

Dwight Howard may have been joking when he sent a little Twitter shot at LeBron James' receding hairline Wednesday, but have we finally gotten to a point where this might be crossing a line? James has taken in quite a bit of deserved criticism, but a man's thinning hair, coming from another man? Come on, Dwight. Cold.

Since The Decision, we've seen nearly a decade's worth of snark, satire, schadenfreude and sneering sent LeBron James' way, just within a year's time. But rarely has that poison wit crossed over to mocking the man's appearance.

And certainly none of it has come from an NBA All-Star nearly at James' stature. Someone like the three-time Defensive Player of the Year in Dwight Howard, who had this to say about James' somewhat-receding hairline Wednesday while on Twitter:

Geez, Dwight. This is the one thing that is out of LeBron's control, and you have to go there?

Plus, it should be noted that at about the same age, Michael Jordan not only had as many rings as LeBron James has, but his hairline was in much worse shape:

Yes, I went there. I will now spend the rest of the afternoon hiding from lightning bolts.

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