Dwight Howard plays Pop-a-Shot in China, resorts to cheating like evil villain we know him to be (VIDEO)

Oh, real nice, Dwight Howard. You find yourself trailing in a game of Pop-a-Shot during your visit to China to promote your adidas Basketball swag — a game, it should be noted, that you clearly weren't even taking seriously to begin with, which is so like you — and you start reaching out to swat your opponent's shots, which is totally against the rules. Typical.

You know what? I'm not even mad; I'm just disappointed that it's so clear that you haven't worked on your Pop-a-Shot game at all since you were on "Fallon" three years ago. I mean, at least have the self-respect to hone your craft, man. At this point, it wouldn't take the perfect Pop-a-Shot game or even a decent Ricardo Reyes one to beat you. People basically just have to not do this and they're basically assured a win. It's like Calogero's dad says in "A Bronx Tale," Dwight: The saddest thing in life is wasted Pop-a-Shot talent.

Well, at least we can take some solace in the fact that your rehab has progressed to the point where you're no longer shackled to Southern California and you're up to big (even international!) flights. I mean, it's a shame it happened two weeks too late for you to be able to go to your own Orlando basketball camp, but hey, you can't rush healing, right?

Video via funneyballchannel.