Dwight Howard has to pay $35,000, just for blogging

There are a lot of things that Dwight Howard and I have in common. I guess the most notable is that we both have gigantic biceps that stretch the sleeves of our closet full of Ed Hardy t-shirts. Other than that, we both like smiling, playing basketball and saying hello to my wife. We're two huge peas in an enormous human pod, basically.

One more thing that we share is that we both run Internet blog Web sites that are read throughout the world. The only difference between us is that Dwight uses his to complain about referees, and I use mine to tell you guys about Dwight complaining about referees.

Ya'll know that that series against Charlotte drove me crazy. I mean it was almost comical at times how I was getting fouls called on me. There was nothing I could do out there and I felt like I couldn't even move without getting that whistle blown on me.

I'm not looking to say anything to get myself in trouble with the league, but I just don't see other star players getting called for fouls the way I get them. No star player in the league is outta games the way I am. I even talked to Pat Ewing about his career and he said he never had foul trouble like what I'm going through.

To be fair to Dwight, if sweating were a foul, Patrick Ewing would understand where Dwight is coming from. But since sweating profusely is legal, this is a situation where "Foul On You" is flying solo. And that means he's paying his fine all by himself.

Yep, $35,000 just for posting on the Internet. David Stern is not messing around. Between this fine, and those for Stan Van Gundy and Matt Barnes earlier in the playoffs, the NBA has made a cool $105k since David Stern challenged complainers to "make my day." Sounds like the Magic need to NetFlix "Dirty Harry."

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