Dwight Howard brings the laughs to the Lakers team plane (VIDEO)

Alert: Video contains one TV-14 word.

In a way, the life of the working NBA player is probably pretty boring. There's a lot of time to spend on airplanes and hotel rooms, where the only readily available activities are watching movies, playing video games, and reading books. After time, though, even the most committed players would get tired of that life. They'd need something else to keep them entertained.

So, if Dwight Howard got on the team plane's intercom to make jokes about Thanksgiving, they might laugh even if his jokes weren't really jokes or anything beyond a silly voice. It would be a reprieve from watching the same episode of "Boardwalk Empire" five times, and that might be enough.

Given the references to Turkey Day, Kurt Helin of ProBasketballTalk hypothesized that this video was taken on the flight either before or after the Lakers' very disappointing 113-97 loss to the Sacramento Kings last Wednesday. In that contest, Howard finished with only seven points on four field-goal attempts and struggled mightily to defend the paint. Yet, as Patch Adams once taught us all, you cannot determine the value of the power of laughter.

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