DWCS 56 winner Rafael Estevam: ‘With me, you’re gonna need an extra tank of gas’

LAS VEGAS – Rafael Ramos Estevam had no problem matching Joao Elias’ early intensity at Dana White’s Contender Series 56.

In a scrappy back-and-forth battle, Estevam (11-0) finished Elias by TKO in the second round, wearing him out with some ground-and-pound.

Elias threatened with a lot of aggressive submission attempts early, but Estevam said he never once felt in danger.

“In no point I felt that any of those positions were compromising at all,” Estevam told reporters, including MMA Junkie, through an interpreter. “I felt that I was a step ahead of him throughout the fight. I did not feel anything at risk at any time. Then obviously not forgetting to hit him, so impose that ground and pound when I was there, because I wanted to impress for the contract. So when I was on top of him, just making sure I never stopped hitting him.”

He continued, “I’m gonna come out with the stamina. That’s an alley that someone’s gonna die on if they’re gonna come fight me. You need to be prepared. I’m gonna go all the way and with me, you’re gonna need an extra tank of gas.”

Watch the video of Estevam’s complete post-fight media availability above.

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