DWCS 52 winner Sedriques Dumas credits Jon Jones for standing guillotine choke finish

LAS VEGAS – Sedriques Dumas’ quick submission win at Dana White’s Contender Series 52 was inspired by Jon Jones.

Dumas (7-0) submitted Matej Penaz (6-1) with a standing guillotine choke just 47 seconds into the first round Tuesday. The quick submission earned “The Slim Reaper” a UFC contract.

In his post-fight speech, Dumas shouted out former light heavyweight champion Jon Jones, who used the same technique to choke Lyoto Machida out cold in their title fight at UFC 140.

“I gave Jon Jones credit, because I’m going to be real with you: The only reason I remember that choke so much is because of Jon Jones,” Dumas told reporters, including MMA Junkie. “A lot of people really don’t see it, especially when they’re on the ground, because they’re trying to play half-guard and everything else, but it’s like just let the underhook go. His head is right there, and then I noticed that.

“And I started paying attention to how Jon Jones did it to Lyoto Machida and I just started seeing how a lot of people from 10th Planet (Jit-Jitsu), and then a lot of people from my gym was using it. So I was like, ‘I’m going to try and modify this in my way because I’m not good at submissions.’ I’m going to be real with you. But I just had to modify it in a way I can sink it in, and it sunk in.”

The Florida-based fighter hopes to land on the UFC’s Fight Night event on Dec. 3, which is projected to take place in Orlando.

“I know UFC Orlando is coming up soon and I didn’t take any damage,” Dumas said. “So if Sean Shelby or bossman Dana White want to put me on that card, I’m ready. I didn’t take any bruises or scratches or nothing, so I’m just ready to take over the middleweight division – just start from the bottom and bring it up at the top.”


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Story originally appeared on MMA Junkie