Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson would love to see Chiefs TE Travis Kelce in the XFL

The offseason Super Bowl LVII victory tour for Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce has already been legendary, with plenty of time left. Between his weekly hit podcast with brother Jason, brand partnership with baseball star Aaron Judge, and hosting Saturday Night Live to name a few of the All-Pro’s recent accomplishments, Kelce has caught the attention of another star.

Kelce was recently spotted visiting long-time NFL coordinator and head coach Wade Phillips at practice for Phillips’ XFL team. Phillips, the head coach of the Houston Roughnecks, tweeted out a photo of him with Kelce, followed by a fun recruitment caption.

“Trying to recruit a TE for the Roughnecks,” tweeted Phillips. “Travis was kind enough to take this picture. Thank you to very best TE in all of football!”

The friendly post on social media didn’t go unnoticed as one of the most prominent actors in Hollywood, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Johnson is the co-owner of the XFL and a former football player in his own right. He quote tweeted Phillips’ message with one of his own.

“Uncle Wade and my guy @tkelce, I’d love to see Trav in the XFL,” tweeted Johnson. “He’d tell me to “Know your role jabroni” cos I can’t afford him Love seeing these two together.”

Kelce has already shown interest in the entertainment world with his current and past ventures. As his star rises in that realm, it is safe to say his memorable celebratory speech based on Johnson’s catchphrase after the Chiefs defeated the Cincinnati Bengals in the AFC Title game has garnered more attention.

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Story originally appeared on Chiefs Wire