Dwayne Haskins will want to bring it against these three quarterbacks in particular in 2020

Peter Hailey
NBC Sports Washington

Like starting pitchers, quarterbacks never actually face each other. While one's on the field, the other is on the sideline, waiting his turn.

But like matchups between a pair of aces, a meeting of two particular passers can raise the profile of an NFL game. 

Now, most of the Redskins' 2020 opponents probably aren't specifically anticipating their chance to face Dwayne Haskins. The second-year pro is a much-discussed player in the area, but to those around the league, he's just a first-round pick who's started a few times.

Flip it around, however, and there are a couple of dates on Washington's schedule that Haskins should especially be looking forward to. He's a highly-competitive person, and he'll be feeling extra juiced up for a handful of appearances. 

These three certainly fit into that category.

Kyler Murray - Week 2

Haskins will see Daniel Jones, one of his draft classmates who was taken ahead of him in 2019, twice a year for the foreseeable future. Coming across Murray, the No. 1 overall selection in the same draft, will be a much less common occurence.

But in 2020, Haskins will get his shot.

With DeAndre Hopkins to throw to along with Larry Fitzgerald, it won't be a surprise if Murray ascends quickly in the league's hierarchy of QBs. Haskins will absolutely want to keep pace. 

To some, a Haskins-Murray showdown will be fairly interesting, but nothing more than that. To Haskins, on the other hand, it'll mean a lot more.


Lamar Jackson - Week 4

Jackson is the same age as Haskins and is essentially his NFL neighbor. He's also the reigning MVP and one of football's most dynamic players, regardless of position.

So, even though the Redskins-Ravens rivalry will never really materialize because of how rarely the two sides square off, you can bet Haskins will still treat this like a rivalry game. 

If Washington is to take out Baltimore, Jack Del Rio's defense will need to be at its sharpest. Haskins, though, will need to deliver as well. This would be the kind of signature victory No. 7 could use to really jumpstart his career.

Joe Burrow - Week 11

At Ohio State, Haskins beat Burrow out for the starting job. So, Burrow transferred to LSU, threw about 104 touchdowns and is now the No. 1 reason for hope in Cincinnati. 

That means when the Redskins and Bengals get together in November, both Haskins and Burrow will be feeling awfully motivated. In fact, Burrow will be one of the few guys really focused on personally outdoing Haskins in 2020. More established veterans will obviously want to defeat Haskins, of course, but they won't have that extra inspiration to do so.

The odds of Redskins-Bengals carrying any sort of playoff implications feels quite low at this point, but it should still have plenty of intrigue thanks to the reunion of the two ex-Buckeyes.

Honorable mentions: Russell Wilson, Baker Mayfield


Dwayne Haskins will want to bring it against these three quarterbacks in particular in 2020 originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

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