Dwayne Haskins “more settled down” in second preseason game

Michael David Smith

Washington rookie quarterback Dwayne Haskins had an inauspicious debut last week, but in his second preseason game on Thursday night, he improved.

Haskins went 7-for-14 for 114 yards with a beauty of a touchdown pass and, most importantly, no interceptions after throwing two of them last week. Haskins said he told himself before the game that he needed to avoid picks.

“I’m not going to throw two picks again. That’s what I thought, and I didn’t, so that’s good,” Haskins said. “I was just a little more settled down this week than I was last week. I felt like I was more in my element.”

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Haskins said his overall assessment of his performance was that he did what he was supposed to do.

“It was good. Just trying to move the ball down the field, make smart decisions, not put the ball into harm’s way,” Haskins said.

Although Haskins took three sacks and needs to get better at recognizing the pass rush, his overall performance was promising.

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