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Chris Vernon of 730 AM Yahoo Sports Radio in Memphis joins the conference championship edition of the Dan Wetzel Podcast this week.

In compliance with NFL bylaws handed down by Roger Goodell, the initial focus is on Tim Tebow, or more specifically the lessons of the Patriots-Broncos game.

Dan argues that Tebow could look at the Patriots offense and see his most valuable future role: emulating Rob Gronkowski not Tom Brady. Guys with the size, speed and athleticism of Tebow dominated the divisional round, they just weren't playing QB (Vernon Davis, Gronkowski, Aaron Hernandez, etc.)

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Chris compares the entire Broncos season to the Broadway play "The Producers" and says they are stuck with Tebow as QB. Both agree Tebow deserves a full offseason to actually develop, but John Elway's "vote of confidence" was pretty weak.

Chris can't envision a way the Baltimore Ravens win Sunday, although he didn't realize that the New England Patriots haven't defeated a team with an actual winning record all year. Mostly, however, his disinterest in the Ravens is because he finds the team boring.

Dan argues that neutral rooting interest should hinge on which team NFL fans will find most unbearable in the Super Bowl – mainly because it will generate a storyline that will go from mildly interesting to completely overhyped during the two-week avalanche of coverage. Think "Jerome Bettis is from Detroit."

The, "hey, two brothers are coaching against each other," is the leader in the clubhouse, although the thought of the Harbaugh parents having to watch one son have the greatest night of his life while the other has possibly the worst is a pretty fascinating human drama.

Chris doesn't want to see the Ravens offensive tackle Michael Oher make it because the "hey, the guy from 'The Blind Side' is in the Super Bowl" would get old immediately.

Dan thinks the inevitable "is Eli better than Peyton because he might win more Super Bowls" debate could cause a rush of viewer/reader suicides.

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Chris argues that Eli has had the greatest life of anyone before the discussion centers on whether any would really want to be Abe Lincoln since he died by getting murdered after his wife dragged him to the theatre, pretty much the two worst things that can happen to a guy.

In the end, common ground is found dreading the guaranteed media griping about how it might be cold and snowy in Indianapolis, site of the Super Bowl, a story angle that absolutely no one else cares about and everyone finds off putting and out of touch.



Yahoo! Sports Radio: Listen to Dan Wetzel's Week podcast]

So, if you're looking for anyone to break down the games, go elsewhere. Otherwise, click on the above or search "Dan Wetzel Yahoo Sports" on iTunes and listen. It's free after all.

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