Dvsn Team With Jagged Edge for New Song and Video "What's Up"

Following the release of their self-proclaimed “honest anthem” titled “If I Get Caught,” Dvsn have returned with the video for “What’s Up” featuring Jagged Edge.

Building on the story from the previous single and its visual, “What’s Up” addresses the consequences of infidelity. “Biggest mistake I made, shouldn’t have let you go,” sings the duo’s vocalist Daniel Daley on the track. The video picks up immediately where the “If I Get Caught” visual left off, and goes for a very early ’00s R&B look complete with Daley singing in the rain. The presence of Jagged Edge also does a lot to help sell that throwback feel.

“This song was made by us alongside Jermaine Dupri and Bryan-Michael Cox at a time when we were looking for the perfect way to describe the moments and emotions leading up to that late night text you know you shouldn’t send to someone,” the group said in a statement. “Please don’t mix this song with alcohol and pre-block anyone you know you shouldn’t be talking to,” they added on Twitter.

Dupri was instrumental in helping “If I Get Caught” come together, as he helped lock down the sample of Jay-Z’s “Song Cry.” In the lead-up to the release of that single, Dvsn shared a screenshot of texts between them and Hov.

“I didn’t think one could make a song more toxic than ‘Song Cry.’ I Stand corrected,” said Jay in the texts. “This song is wrong! Haaaaa.”

Watch the video for “What’s Up” above and stream the song via Spotify below.

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