Dusty May explains planned C rotation with Vlad Goldin and Danny Wolf

ANN ARBOR, Mich. — He’s only been on the job with Michigan basketball for over a month, but Dusty May was a bit surprised at how well he was able to secure most of his big targets. Among them are the two centers who came to Ann Arbor in former FAU center Vlad Goldin and Yale’s Danny Wolf.

Both Goldin and Wolf were ranked relatively high in the 247Sports transfer portal rankings, with Wolf coming in as the sixth-ranked center and Goldin being the eighth. But generally, basketball teams don’t run a lot of formations with two centers, and not May especially, so there’s going to be some kind of rotation.

But with two starting-caliber centers on board, how will that work? May shared on Tuesday that during the recruitment of both, he shared the plan with them and that Goldin will likely be the main starter while Wolf will come in for pivotal rotational minutes. But there will also be times we do likely see both on the court at the same time.

“Through the recruiting process, we pride ourselves on being very transparent and open and honest. And what we tell you today is what we imagined is going to happen,” May said. “Not that it’s definitely going to happen because the scoreboard and injuries and things like that can change and derail anything.

“But yeah, Vlad I think last year played 25 minutes a game. In a perfect world, we get him a few more minutes, but we play up-tempo with a lot of possessions. So it’s difficult for our players to play 32 to 35 minutes a game if we’re playing the style that we like to play. And so Vlad will probably have around that mid-20s if he’s playing at his best and hopefully, we’re able to take care of some games before the last five minutes so you can get those guys some rest or whatever.

“But yeah, that left us probably playing Danny 14 minutes a game at the five when Vlad’s not in is how we probably envision it. And we’ll play stylistically a different brand of basketball with Danny being more of a five out, a facilitator. Vlad’s still more of a traditional center, but also he’s expanded his game. So we definitely envision those guys playing together significant minutes and also complementing each other.”

Of course, May already has the familiarity with Goldin as he coached him at Florida Atlantic but what was it about Wolf that caught his eye? And what does he bring to the table?

May is ecstatic about Wolf’s ball-handling, his shooting prowess — especially from outside — as well as his footwork. The Michigan basketball head coach feels that once Wolf goes through strength and conditioning this summer, it will help him acclimate that much more to the role that they hope to have him in come the late fall.

“Danny, he’s a very, very good 3-point shooter for a 7-footer,” May said. “He dribbles the ball well, he handles the ball like a guard. He passes it. They played through him offensively. So that’s how we used our backup center last year, Rosado. And so we’re very well-versed in that style of play. And he fits us offensively.

“And so the question was, does it fit defensively with another 7-footer or 7-foot-1 guy, and after watching Danny we felt like he moves his feet well, he’s got good mobility for a 7-footer and he embraces contact. So we think with a summer of really strong, consistent weight work, and speed work with our new strength coach, then he’ll be ready to go. And the Big Ten is a bigger league than we’re accustomed to playing in, too. It’s not as if these guys are out in the Big Ten playing small ball or whatever 20 nights of the season.”

Story originally appeared on Wolverines Wire