Kevin Durant staying mum on DeMarcus Cousins' PUMA vs. Nike wisecrack

Drew Shiller
NBC Sports BayArea

With just under 6:40 left in the second quarter Monday night, Kevin Durant's left shoe slipped off his foot, and he fell to the ground.

Warriors teammate DeMarcus Cousins -- who had a headset on as he joined Bob Fitzgerald and Jim Barnett on the NBC Sports Bay Area preseason broadcast -- used it as an opportunity.

"That wouldn't have happened in the PUMAs," Cousins joked. "That wouldn't have happened in PUMAs. PUMA life, baby."

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So, did Cousins tell Durant about his TV comments?

"Yeah, man," Durant told reporters as he smiled and shook his head. "I ain't gonna tell ya'll what Boogie said to me in the locker room about my shoes.

"He got a contract he just signed, so I'll let him make it tonight."

So why did Cousins take a friendly jab? On Oct. 4, the big man signed a multiyear shoe deal with PUMA. Nike -- which pays Durant nearly $30 million annually -- has until Oct. 14 to match Cousins' offer from PUMA.

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