Durant says he was “shocked” to find out Steve Nash was fired

In a moment reminiscent of Captain Renault being “shocked, shocked” to find there was gambling at Rick’s Cafe, the guy who called for Steve Nash to be fired over the summer, was “shocked” Steve Nash was fired.

Kevin Durant said he woke up from his nap Tuesday to turn on ESPN and find out his coach was ousted.

Nets GM Sean Marks backed up the plausibility of Durant’s story, saying he did not consult any players on the move.

“There was zero input from any of the players on this,” Marks said at his press conference. “I think this was a decision that we didn’t need that. Steve and I didn’t need that. Obviously, I’ve talked to [Brooklyn owner] Joe [Tsai] about this, but the players were not consulted.”

Did Durant need to be consulted on a change he already asked for? To his credit, Durant didn’t throw Nash under the bus publicly on Tuesday.

There’s knowing and then there’s expecting — maybe Durant didn’t expect the ax to fall so early in the season, but he had to see it coming with a 2-6 start and a dreadful defense. Durant said he asked for a trade this summer because of the uncertainty around this team and his questioning if it could reach its potential. The Nets got the band back together to win, and when that didn’t happen. Durant is smart enough to know change was coming.

It is also clearly Durant’s influence that has former Nets assistant and currently suspended Celtics coach Ime Udoka at the front of the line to be the next Brooklyn coach. Nobody around the league expected Udoka to get a job this quickly in the wake of the allegations against him, but the Nets are desperate to turn things around and win, so what’s a little more bad PR?

The defensive issues on this roster and how the pieces fit together — including Ben Simmons — will lead to more changes beyond the coach. The question a lot of people around the league are asking is, will those changes include a Kevin Durant trade? Blockbuster deals are more difficult to pull off during the season, but they are not impossible.

Durant would likely be “shocked” by such a move, too.

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