'Dundee fans must now stop accepting mediocre targets'

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In what was the biggest game of Dundee's season on Saturday, we came up short. St Mirren wanted this game more and bullied and pressured us all over the park.

Despite mathematically still being in the hunt for the last European spot, us Dundee fans will more likely be enjoying two weeks at a pool rather than cheering on our team on foreign soil.

The aim of the game was to survive this season. Early on, that changed as we asserted ourselves mid-table - and as that carried on with securing a top-six spot, we started to dream of European football.

The bar has regularly been set at avoiding relegation, but that's changed now for me.

Going forward, I want top-six football. I want us challenging for Europe. I don't want to accept mediocre targets any more.

The battle with St Mirren is not over and done with just yet, so we will still hold out the faint hope we can leapfrog them.

If we can overturn the points deficit, we should be using this season as a springboard for what will hopefully be an exciting future for this club.

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