Duke Tobin: Joe Burrow’s contract will get done when it gets done

Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow is eligible for a contract extension after completing his third season and it seems likely he’ll receive one before the 2023 season begins.

That’s at least the vibe Cincinnati director of player personnel Duke Tobin was giving off when he was asked about a potential second contract for Burrow on Tuesday.

“It’s not done yet,” Tobin said with a smile at his Combine press conference. “It’s a good problem to have. I have been pretty vocal about what Joe means to us and my job is to facilitate his success as best I can with putting pieces around him. And his contract will get done when it gets done.

“But it’s a good problem to have. He’s a vital part of what we’re doing.”

Tobin reiterated that same point later on in his press conference, saying, “Our quarterback, we go as he goes.”

“He’s proven that he can get us there,” Tobin said. “He’s proven that he’s a championship-caliber quarterback. But it’s not a one-person game and we have to be ready to put the pieces around him that can facilitate his success.”

Burrow finished fourth in MVP voting in 2022, completing 68.3 percent of his passes for 4,475 yards with 35 touchdowns and 12 interceptions. He also rushed for 257 yards with five TDs.

The Bengals, Eagles, and Chargers all appear likely to break the bank this offseason for the quarterback each team drafted in 2020: Burrow, Jalen Hurts, and Justin Herbert, respectively.

Duke Tobin: Joe Burrow’s contract will get done when it gets done originally appeared on Pro Football Talk